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The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt Guide to "do" ChatGPT Right(ish)

The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt Guide to "do" ChatGPT Right(ish)

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Using ChatGPT for your business will never be a perfect science, but with the right prompts can save time and take the easy track to creating content for your business (and a whole lot more).

This is the only simple, ever-evolving ChatGPT prompt guide that YOU have a say in.

  • Get ready-to-customize prompts for your blogs, podcast, SEO, social media, emails, and more.
  • Learn some of the giveaways that you (or others) aren’t “doing” ChatGPT right(ish).
  • Create prompts for ChatGPT that allow you to brainstorm ideas for your next content strategy batching session.
  • Submit questions and requests about using ChatGPT as this prompt guide grows (AND receive every single update on the guide)!

Why "ish"? Because ChatGPT is changing every day, which means no formula will ever be perfect. But you CAN get close!

Comes as a Google Spreadsheet that you copy and customize to meet your needs. The original spreadsheet will be updated regularly so be sure to keep the original link!

Coming Soon: Video walkthrough of the guide.

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